A Novella by Billie Dean Shoemate III

About Hourglass

Steven Grimes, an avid writer from a small town in the Midwest, is suffering from writer's block. An encounter with a strange, old man has left Steven unable to produce a single word. He is haunted by his encounter with the mysterious old man in town, known only as Heflin. Since meeting him, Steven Grimes has only been able to write the cryptic and strange ramblings from Heflin, who speaks of an ancient festival called Samhain.


These ramblings soon begin to take on meaning. Steven begins to quench the writer's block by researching Samhain and the terrible truth behind its origin. The research spawns a new writing project . . . a project that will propel Steven Grimes through a dark journey from which there is no escape.

About the Author

Born in San Diego, California, Billie Dean Shoemate III currently lives in Paducah, Kentucky. Billie is truly a jack of all trades. He is a writer, amateur photographer, and musician. He has been writing since his teens and is now working on his third horror novel, with a nonfiction book in the works as well. "Horror is a great medium," Billie says, "because, at least for me, it is in every sense of the word a lost art. The unknown fascinates me, and sometimes the unknown is where I feel more at home than any place."


His writing is truly frightening, and is being labeled by the inner writing circles of the genre as the next Stephen King. Billie shuns the comparison, usually saying "I don't agree with that at all. I am not that great a writer. I just know what keeps me up at night; and chances are, they are probably the same things that keep you up as well."


Aside from writing, Billie is a former member of Salvaged, a metal band out of Knoxville, Iowa. Rocking since 2002, Salvaged has become a staple of local metal in the purist's form. Billie and the group's prominent members still keep in close contact, and still work together on occasion. Enjoy this offering from Billie, for there will be more nightmares that he is anxiously waiting for you to experience.


-Jack Napier, author of “Soap” coming soon-

Coming Up Next

9/16/2009 - Villain is nearing completion and heading you your local book store next year!

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